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Spartan: Total Warrior is an epic 3 character video game for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube Creado for sale by The Creative. On PS2, it is one of the games in the Creo series, and is the best-selling game in the series. It was also released in a limited edition as a 2-DO app for the Play Station 3 and as a sequel for the Xbox 360.
The game was developed by Sierra Entertainment, who worked on the first game in the series, Total Annihilation. The development team grew, expanded, and eventually became Decision, which by 2008 had sold more than 500 million copies worldwide.
In an interview with Game Informer in 1999, Sierras founder Frank Schiller said, We just had to decide what game we wanted to play. And then decide how we will make the game. In a 2007 interview with GamePro, he said, It was so important for us to make our games that it even became difficult to hire other people, because only we were all working on Crusade. We spent so much time with each other that we wish we could keep our own privacy and focus on our games."
The mission of the game is a strategic battle between rival factions. The player chooses one of the three winning factions in each campaign. Each choice of faction makes the game more difficult. The weapons in the game have both sniper and defensive ammunition, as well as traps.
"Creative" released a comic "A Brief History of Total Control", which talks about shooters in the "Total War" universe.
The song "Killing Me Softly" was released as a promotional single and featured on the game's soundtrack. The musical score for the game also partially consists of music from the Smurfs cartoon.
Warner Music UK previously released the single "Kill Me SoftY", which was included as a promotional film for the game and was titled "The Smurfs Need Help!" (). f02ee7bd2b